Long-Term Care Strategies

Long-Term Care Insurance

Get the care you need when you are no longer able to care for yourself adequately or safely, without relying on relatives or friends. These costs aren’t covered by Medicare or regular health insurance.

Traditional Long-Term Care Policies

Standalone, traditional policies with a variety of care options whether you’re living in your own home or in a facility.

Hybrid Life Insurance and Long-Term Care Policies

Long-term care benefits that are attached to life insurance policies through combination policies or living benefits.

Hybrid Annuity and Long-Term Care Policies

Long-term care options with annuities. Take advantage of regular monthly payments to cover long-term care costs even if you’re not in perfect health.


Long-Term Care Planning

Long-term care is provided to people who can no longer function safely and/or physically on their own. Care can be provided by family members, paid caregivers, or facilities and can be very expensive. Women live longer so costs will be higher. Skilled nursing homes offer private rooms for $9,000+ per month and semi-private rooms for $7000+ per month depending on where you live. Wouldn’t you rather be cared for at home?


Seniors age 65+ who will likely need long-term care​ in the future

3.7 years​

Average long-term care facility stay length for women​

How will you pay for your future care?

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