Disability Insurance

Disability Income Insurance for Individuals

Receive a secure income while you’re disabled due to an accident, injury or illness. Pay your monthly bills, medical expenses, and get help around the house.

Business Disability Income Insurance

Individual and group long-term disability income when you and your business need it the most. Keep the lights on when you’re not able to be there.

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Disability Insurance 101

What’s your biggest financial asset? It’s you!

Your biggest asset is you and your ability to earn income. What would happen if you were injured or sick for an extended time and unable to work or earn income? How would you pay your bills, your mortgage, your child care, pet sitting or parent caregiving costs? How about those high deductibles and medical costs insurance doesn’t cover?


Working Americans age 35-65 who will suffer a disability lasting at least 90 days during their career


Mortgage foreclosures caused by a disability. Only 2% for death-related foreclosures

How will you pay your monthly bills if you’re unable to work or run your business?

Disability Insurance FAQs

What is disability insurance?

Disability insurance is a type of insurance that provides financial support up to a certain percentage of income to individuals who are unable to work due to a disability or illness not covered by workers’ compensation. The benefit payments can help cover living expenses, medical bills, caregiving and other related costs.

Who needs disability insurance?

Anyone who depends on their income to support themselves and their family may want to consider disability insurance. So if you earn a paycheck or receive monthly income from a business, you can benefit from disability insurance income if you become ill or injured and are unable to work.

How does disability insurance work?

Disability insurance typically works by paying a percentage of an individual’s income if they become disabled and unable to work. The amount of the benefit and the length of time it is paid will vary depending on the policy.

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What does disability insurance own occupation mean?

Disability insurance own occupation is a definition used in some disability insurance policies. It means that if someone becomes disabled and is unable to perform the specific job or occupation they were trained in and previously worked in, they may be eligible for disability benefits, regardless of their ability to perform other types of work. This type of definition provides broader coverage and greater protection than “any occupation” definitions, which only pay benefits if the individual is unable to perform any gainful employment.

How do I know if I’m eligible for disability insurance?

Eligibility for disability insurance typically depends on factors such as your occupation, age, health, and income. To determine if you are eligible, you can speak with a licensed insurance agent.

What is the difference between short-term and long-term disability insurance?

Short-term disability insurance provides benefits for a shorter period of time, typically up to a year, while long-term disability insurance provides benefits for a longer period of time, often until the individual reaches retirement age.

Disability Insurance Self Employed?

Self-employed people can purchase disability insurance to protect their income if they are unable to work due to injury or illness. There are individual and group policies available, and coverage can be customized to meet the specific needs of self-employed individuals.

How do I file a claim for disability insurance?

To file a claim for disability insurance, you typically need to provide proof of your disability, such as a doctor’s note, and complete the necessary forms provided by your insurance company. Contact the insurance agency to file a claim, and be sure to let your insurance agent know so they can help you if needed.

What if my disability insurance claim is denied?

If your disability insurance claim is denied, you have the right to appeal the decision. It may be helpful to work with an attorney or a disability advocate to navigate the appeals process.

How do I choose the right disability insurance policy for me?

Choosing the right disability insurance policy can be complicated, and it’s important to carefully consider your potential needs and budget. Work with a licensed insurance agent to find the best policy for you.

Can I get disability insurance through my employer?

Yes, many employers offer disability insurance as a benefit to their employees. This can be a convenient and cost-effective way to obtain coverage. However, when you leave that employer, you may not be able to continue with that insurance coverage without an increase in premium.

What is the cost for disability insurance?

The cost for disability insurance varies depending on the amount of coverage, the length of the benefit period, and your age and overall health. On average, the cost can range from a few dollars per month to several hundred dollars per month.

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What should I consider when buying disability insurance?

When buying disability insurance, it’s important to consider the amount of coverage you need, the length of the benefit period, the waiting period before benefits start, and the cost of the policy. Also consider the financial stability and reputation of the insurance company that is providing the disability insurance.

How does my age affect the cost of disability insurance?

Age can play a role in the cost of disability insurance, as the likelihood of becoming disabled increases with age. As a result, older individuals may pay more for disability insurance than younger individuals.

Can I get disability insurance if I have a pre-existing condition?

It is possible to get disability insurance even if you have a pre-existing condition, but the cost may be higher and the coverage may be more limited. It really depends on the type of pre-existing condition.

Can disability insurance replace my entire income if I become disabled?

The amount of income that can be replaced by disability insurance will depend on the policy and the individual’s salary. Generally, disability insurance does not cover up to 100% of your income. That’s why it’s good to have at least 6 months of income and household expenses saved. Some policies may replace a percentage of the individual’s income, while others may have a maximum benefit amount.

How long can I receive disability insurance benefits?

The length of time that disability insurance benefits can be received will vary depending on the policy. Some policies may pay benefits for a few months, while others may pay benefits until the individual reaches retirement age

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